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Introduction to Programming with Java

lit. obcojęzyczna

  • Wydawnictwo Prentice Hall
  • Oprawa miękka
  • darmowa dostawa od 300zł Darmowa dostawa
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Introduction to Programming with Java - opis produktu:

For CS1 Java pogrammingnbspUsing the video game generations fascination with digital multimedia as a springboard this text teaches Java programming in a context that students find relevant and useful Students learn to program using Java while creating interesting effects with sounds pictures web pages and videoDigital multimedia emphasis Teaches students to understand and control the technologies in their daily lives making the study of computer science more directly relevant and useful Studentfriendly organization Begins each chapter with a mix of computer science and media learning objectives emphasizing Java programming conceptsnbsp and media computationnbspCompelling examples Demonstrates the manipulation of media in appealing waysnbspInformative boxed materials Address topics such as common bugs tips for better learning and important computer science conceptsnbspImmediate reinforcement Provides valuable feedback at point of use as students view the dynamic effects of their efforts on a picture sound text or movienbspOver 140 working programs Show students how to manipulate media in useful ways from reducing red eye and splicing sounds to generating digital video special effectsnbspAccompanying CDROM Packaged with your textbook the Student CD contains J2SE software for use in writing compiling and executing Java programs Both versions 15 also called 50 and 14 are included on the CD As a special feature the version of MediaTools on this CD includes a button in the Pixel Tools to change the scale of a picture to make it easier to use your digital camera pictures in DrJava InstructorResourceCenter This instructor download site is a passwordprotected area of the Prentice Hall online catalog that provides instructors quick access to presentation and assessment resources For access to these resources please contact your PH Sales RepReduces lecture preparation time with engaging slides that support the textnbspnbspAccessible via download the IRC featuresnbspPrebuilt PowerPoint Lecture Presentation Instructor Solutions Manual Coming Soon Code Solutions from the book Coming SoonnbspGuzdialEricson Companion Web site Available to students and instructors the Companion Website is a free resource complete with student tools and assessment resources to help instructors plan and manage their courses The Companion Web site enables instructors to create a syllabus using the Syllabus Manager tool accessible anywhere and anytime by students with assignments from online and print materials In addition instructors can access Lecture Notes and Code from the book The Companion Web site is a valuable selfstudy resource for students with links code and tools to ensure success in your course Go to wwwprenhallcomguzdial to access to companion web site
  • Dział: Literatura obcojęzyczna
  • Wydawnictwo: Prentice Hall
  • Oprawa: miękka
  • ISBN: 978-0-13-149698-9
  • Wprowadzono: 24.06.2008

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Lit. obcojęzyczna
Introduction to Programming with Java

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