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Contemporary Business & E-Commerce Law

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Idealnbspfor a one or twonbspsemester course in Business Law This is the most modern business law and legal environment text available Contemporary Business and ECommerce Law 4e gives professors and students the most extensive and cutting edge coverage of the emerging area of information technology and ecommerce law This comprehensive text showcases over 40 new US Supreme Court Cases that have been decided during the past three years plus over 120 traditional cases giving studentsinstructors the perfect balanced case presentation on the market This student friendly text continues its extensive coverage of international business laws and ethical issues Students continually comment on Henry Cheesemans excellent and accessible writing style NEW Two new chapters dedicated to coverage of the Internet ECommerce and Information Technology151Chapter 14 Intellectual Property and Internet Law and Chapter 15 Electronic Commerce and Information Technology Licensing NEW Extensive ECommerce and Information Technology boxes integrated throughout the text These new chapters and boxes feature coverage of the latest acts which include The Anticybersquatting Act The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act UCITA The Digital Millennium Copyright Act The NET Act The American Inventors Protection Act The Federal Electronic Signatures Act and all other relevant federal and state laws and cases governing the Internet and ECommercenbsp Some examples include 147Napster Unplugged by the Court148 147Amazoncoms 1Click Patent Upheld148 147Electronic Communications Privacy Act148 147Economic Espionage Act NEW US Supreme Court Cases This text includes new 147US Supreme Court Speaks148 boxes These special boxes feature the most important US Supreme Court cases affecting businesses that have been decided in the past three years The reasoning presented in these cases is in the actual language of the US Supreme Courtnbsp Some examples include 147State Law Tort Action Preempted By Federal Law148 Geier v American Honda Motor Company Inc 147Federal Violence against Women Act Found Lacking Interstate Commerce Connection148 United States v Morrison 147PGA TOUR Must Allow Disabled Golfer to Use a Golf Cart148 PGA TOUR Inc v Martin 147Warrantless Search of a Home with a Thermo Imaging Device is an Unconstitutional Search148 Kyllo v United States etc133 NEW There are also over 120 Traditional Cases that highlight new business law issues These cases are summarized ie In the language of the authornbsp Examples include Lakin v Senco Products Pneumatic Nail Gun Found Defective Klein v Pryrodyne Corporation Corporation Found Strictly Liable for Injury Caused by Fireworks Ty Inc v GMA Accessories Inc Beanie Baby Copyright Found Infringed M A Mortenson Company Inc v Timberline Software Corporation Limitation of Remedies Clause in Software License Held to be Unconscionable etc133 NEW Entrepreneurial Law Coverage This book features a brand new Chapter 27 called 147Entrepreneurship Franchising and Licensing148 This chapter outlines the most important laws facing an entrepreneur who wishes to begin a business and investigates the legal issues unique to them There are also extensive 147Entrepreneur and the Law148 boxes that examine the legal implications of entrepreneurial successes and failuresnbsp Some examples include 147The Entrepreneurial Spirit The Creation of Amazoncom148 147Licensing Pokemon Invades the United States148 147VA Linux IPOs Soars and Sours148 147AOL Acquires TimeWarner in MegaMerger148 and many more International Law Chapter 6 International and Comparative Law is devoted exclusively to coverage of international laws courts world trade organization WTO regional economic organizations EU NAFTA and dispute resolution The book also includes extensive 147International Law148 boxes These boxes are integrated throughout the text to draw comparisons between the American Legal System and those of other countriesnbsp Examples include 147China Joins the World Trade Organization WTO148 147Product Liability Law in Japan148 147Holocaust Victims Asset Litigation Settled148 147WTO Audits US Tax Laws148 etc133 Ethics and Social Responsibility of Business An entire chapter 7 is dedicated to 147Ethics and Social Responsibility of Business148 focusing on ethical issues faced by business professionals This chapter contains actual cases that business persons have found themselves embroiled in when making ethical and legal decisions The book also features over 40 other 147Business Ethics148 boxes that challenge students with ethical issues from real companies to highlight the importance of ethics in making effective business decisionsnbsp Examples include 147Toy sales not childs play148 147Joe Camel Exhales148 147Microsoft violates Employment law148 147WalMart Knocks off Designers Clothes148 etc Contemporary Business Environment boxes There are extensive Contemporary Business Environment boxes in this text These boxes recognize that not all of the modern challenges facing businesses are Internetrelated These boxes 147Contemporary Business Environment148 explore other types of legal issues currently confronting businesses and feature modern and engaging cases and statutes that effect businessnbsp Some examples include 147Employers May Prove an Affirmative Defense in some Sexual Harassment cases148 147A Mickey Mouse Copyright Law148 147Miranda 2000148 147General Motors Hit with Billion Dollar Judgment148 and many morenbsp Landmark Laws151There are over 30 new 147Landmark Laws148 boxes that describe major federal and state statutes that have been enacted that have significant impact on businessnbsp Examples include 147Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964148 147Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act RICO148 147The Securities Exchange Act of 1934148 147ERISA148 etc133 Additional material At the end of each chapter Working the Web exercises require students to work through interactive webbased activities Critical Legal Thinking Cases at the end of each chapter encourage the application of students analytical skills and Critical Legal Thinking Writing Assignments five students experience in briefing cases
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  • Wydawnictwo: Prentice Hall
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  • ISBN: 0-13-034852-X
  • Wprowadzono: 12.06.2007

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Lit. obcojęzyczna
Contemporary Business & E-Commerce Law

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