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Jet Fuel Toxicology

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Jet Fuel Toxicology - opis produktu:

Currently serving as a resource for the National Center for Toxological Research in their work with the Gulf Coast oil spill, this book presents current research conducted primarily by the airforce on the toxic effects of JP-8 jet fuel on the pulmonary, immune, dermal, and nervous systems. In all, the book considers 13 toxicology studies of significance, the results of which are currently shaping US armed services policy. It will enable all of the hydrocarbon industry to make better choices regarding fuel handling. Due to its widespread use, jet fuel is thought to be the largest toxicant exposure risk for U.S. Armed Services personnel. Taking a proactive approach to the potential dangers of repeated human exposure to hydrocarbon fuels, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) sponsored a number of research projects during the last 20 years investigating health effects resulting from specific exposure to JP-8 (Jet Propellant-8). Jet Fuel Toxicology summarizes the newest and most important results of these extensive research programs carried out by hydrocarbon fuel research groups throughout the U.S. Each book chapter highlights one specific research area from the many topical areas comprising jet fuel toxicology.

Effects on daily inhalation on the respiratory system
Acute and long-term neurotoxicological and neurobehavioral effects
Both local and systemic toxicity following exposure through the skin
Immunotoxicity from pulmonary and dermal exposures
Genetic damage, as evidenced in studies of the blood and bone marrow of mice
Agent Orange exposures during the Vietnam War
Multiple chemical/stressor exposures, including multiple fuels and solvents, during the Persian Gulf Wars
Chemical exposures, including Jet-A fuel, during the 9/11 World Trade Center Disaster
Hydrocarbon/oil dispersing compound exposures during the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Crisis of 2010
Air Force-Related Jet Fuel Toxicology Research (1991-2010), Walter J. Kozumbo
Jet Fuel Composition, Tim Edwards
The Toxicity and Underlying Mechanism of Jet Propulsion Fuel-8 on the Respiratory System, Simon S. Wong and Mark L. Witten
Neurotoxicological and Neurobehavioral Effects from Exposure to Jet Fuels, Glenn D. Ritchie
Differential Protein Expression Following JP-8 Jet Fuel Exposure, Frank A. Witzmann and Mark L. Witten
Immune Modulation by Dermal Exposure to Jet Fuel, Gerardo Ramos and Stephen E. Ullrich
Absorption, Penetration, and Cutaneous Toxicity of Jet Fuels and Hydrocarbon Components, James E. Riviere, Alfred O. Inman, and Nancy Monteiro-Riviere
Methods of Assessing Skin Irritation and Sensitization of Jet Fuels, Jayachandra Babu, Ram Patlolla, and Mandip Singh
Understanding Systemic and Local Toxicity of JP-8 after Cutaneous Exposures, James N. McDougal, James V. Rogers, and Richard Simman
The Effects of Aerosolized JP-8 Jet Fuel Exposure on the Immune System: A Review, David T. Harris
The Involvement of Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation in Defense against JP-8 Jet Fuel and Other Chemical Toxicants, Luis A. Espinoza, Aria Attia, Eric M. Brandon, and Mark E. Smulson
Evaluation of Methods Used to Generate and Characterize Jet Fuel Vapor and Aerosol for Inhalation Toxicology Studies, Raphaël T. Tremblay, Sheppard A. Martin, and Jeffrey W. Fisher
Genetic Damage in the Blood and Bone Marrow of Mice Treated with JP-8 Jet Fuel, Vijayalaxmi
Computational Analyses of JP-8 Fuel Droplet and Vapor Depositions in Human Upper Airway Models, Clement Kleinstreuer and Zhe Zhang
Human Exposure to Jet Propellant-8, Raymond H. Tu and Terence H. Risby
  • Dział: Literatura obcojęzyczna
  • Wydawnictwo: 3a Corporation
  • Oprawa: twarda
  • Ilość stron: 368
  • ISBN: 978-1-4200-8020-9
  • Wprowadzono: 26.05.2011

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Jet Fuel Toxicology

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