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Engineering Management

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Engineering Management - opis produktu:

For senior and firstyear graduate courses in technology and engineering including aerospace biomedical chemical computer electrical mechanical industrial and systems engineering This easyto readtext covers a wide range of relevant topics affecting the future roles of engineering managers contains over 80 examples and 120 chapterend questions articulates a forwardlooking globally orientated perspective and emphasizes a sixdimensional challenge for engineers in the new millennium The book is organized in three parts Part I reviews the basic functions of engineering management Part II provides backgrounds in cost accounting financial analysis financial management and marketing management and Part III readies the student for exercising leadership in managing technologies through discussions related to engineers as managersleaders ethics webbased tools globalization and engineering management in the decades to come Emphasis on sixdimensional challenges for future engineers and engineering managers in the new millenniumDiscusses the management challenges of future engineers in these dimensions inside outside present future local and global Gives students comprehensive coverage of relevant success factors for effective leadership in a dynamic and complex environment Focus on providing value through innovations leadership in technology projects and the application of emerging technologiesEmphasizes those topics students need to become global leaders in their fields Discussion of using webbased toolsShows students how web based tools can be used to create superior products and services more efficiently and with less cost Explains how webbased tools are used to develop and sustain competitive advantages Coverage of the fundamentals of engineering managementIncludes cost accounting financial analysis and accounting managerial finance and marketing management Gives students a solid business background so they can effectively lead in business and management activities Prepares students to make decisions related to cost finance products services and capital budgets Coverage of the basic engineering management functions of planning organizing leading and controllingEstablishes a secured foundation to build additional leadership qualities and skills The topic of the proposed book is interesting and I foresee its wide use as a textbook by numerous engineering programs I do not recall seeing any other book that would compete with the proposed book In fact we have not been able to identify a suitable textbook for years I like the writing style and the topical coverage The coverage is well balanced The author is well established in the area covered in the book Examples are thoughtful Andrew Kusiak University of Iowa It is my experience that those managers hailing from an engineering background have a higher failure rate in management than any other functional area However the demand for such will be increasing in the years ahead I believe this text does a great job of clarifying this issue and the reasons for said failure while simultaneously pointing out steps to guide the engineer for successful transition to management Therefore I applaud the authors effort Donald R McNeeley Northwestern University The author uses a lot of examples mentions actual companies etc This is a big plus Paul R McCright University of South Florida The writing style is a definite strength Changs book is very clear easy to read and easy to follow The book manages to very effectively cover in a comprehensive manner the multitude of concepts relevant to the engineering major Julie Dziekan University of Michigan Dearborn This is a well researched book which appears to be aimed at covering the totality of Engineering Management in the new millenniumthere are some very good examples to explain what is meant by the preceding concepts Will Lannes University of New Orleans Writing style is very important the clarity and flow of the book are goodthe books strength is that it covers most of the basic topics in a single volume Hojjat Adeli Lichtenstein Professor The Ohio State University I am quite enthusiastic about this text and think it is better than those intro books now out there especially with his new chapters at the end His use of examples is very good Charles Elliott Arizona State University
  • Dział: Literatura obcojęzyczna
  • Wydawnictwo: Prentice Hall
  • Oprawa: miękka
  • ISBN: 0-13-144678-9
  • Wprowadzono: 13.12.2007

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Lit. obcojęzyczna
Engineering Management

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