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Gra Shape4mind. Uppercase letters

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  • Producent Galaktyka
  • Wiek 6-910-14
  • Ilość graczy 1 osoba
  • Wysyłamy w 24h - 48h + czas dostawy

Gra Shape4mind. Uppercase letters - opis produktu:


tiles support the development of literacy skills through play and sensory activity. Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic cues are brought together to make an effective, impactful alphabet learning experience. Children can build and read words, practice their memory and improve their concentration. Having fun with SHAPE4MIND letters supports the early development of a child`s brain, most notably its spatial and multisensory perception functions. SHAPE4MIND tiles also encourage the more advanced development of a child`s sense of touch, improving fine motor skills, which are central to the development of writing skills.
enables learning of the alphabet in a playful atmosphere
enriches the imagination
practices memory
develops creativity
teaches teamwork
strengthens the child and guardian bond
is a great help for visually impaired children
the set 52 lowercase letters contains a full English alphabet
it is made of durable and safe ABS material
the letters are convex and easily palpable
each tile has a convex dot, which helps to determine the right position of a given letter
5 x 5 cm dimensions allow children to easily hold, rotate and combine individual tiles into words
the tiles have a safety certificate, they are free of toxins or dangerous dyes.
Description of the set:
52 pieces of plastic tiles in a warm, sunny yellow
a blue cotton pouch for drawing of the letters marked with the logo Shape4mind
a manual


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Gra Shape4mind. Uppercase letters

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