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BBC Earth Do You Know? Animal Sounds


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How do animals make sounds under the water? Do animals laugh? Find out all about whales, tigers and howling wolves.

Do You Know? is a series of levelled non-fiction books featuring video content, project work and critical-thinking activities to motivate and engage young learners. Covering a range of STEM topics from nocturnal animals to climate change, Do You Know? takes an enquiry-based approach, developing children`s language, communication and investigation skills.

Recommended for children aged 7+, there are four levels progressing from CEFR level Pre-A1 to level A2. Each reader is accompanied by online video content, audio, video and comprehension activities, and suggestions for project work.

Animal Sounds, a Level 1 Reader, is Pre-A1 in the CEFR framework and supports YLE Starters exams. Short sentences contain a maximum of two clauses, using the present tense and some simple adjectives.

BBC Earth Do You Know? Animal Sounds pochodzi z wydawnictwa Ladybird. Pomaga w nauce języka angielskiego.
Dział: Podręczniki szkolne
Kategoria: językowe,  angielski,  szkoła podstawowa
Wydawnictwo: Ladybird
Oprawa: miękka
Wymiary: 195x255
Ilość stron: 32

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