Tchaikovsky: The Oprichnik - Vassily Savenko, Elena Lassoskaya, Vladimir Ognovenko, Vsevolod Grivnov - płyta CD |

Tchaikovsky: The Oprichnik - opis produktu:

This live recording of one of Tchaikovsky's least-known operas derives from a live production of a staging by Graham Vick in Cagliari, Sardinia. It features the always quirky musicianship of Gennady Rozhdestvensky, whose musical appetite for the curio and the unfamiliar is apparently insatiable. He conducts a cast of real Russian singers, most of them stalwarts at the Bolshoi, with voices that come from the long tradition of Lisitsian, Chaliapin and Vishnevskaya, including the rich mezzo of Irina Dolzhenko and imposing bass of Vsevolod Grivnov.
The opera itself tells the tale of Andrey, who joins the eponymous oprichnik (the tsar's mercenary retinue, set up to assert his power against the boyars) in order to pursue or defend a family feud. Crossed lovers and curses ensue; the end is inevitably tragic, with not only Andrey coming to a sticky end but also his widowed mother.
As his first surviving completed opera, first performed in 1876,The Oprichnik is full of tell-tale signs of the great dramatic composer which Tchaikovsky would become in Eugene Onegin and The Queen of Spades.

Other information:
- An atmospheric live recording (2003) of Tchaikovsky's opera The Oprichnik, with wonderful, full blooded Russian voices, and the inimitable Gennady Rozhdestvensky conducting.
- Hardly any competition for this release, a must for the opera aficionado and Tchaikovsky fan!
- Tchaikovsky wrote the libretto for the opera himself, set in the 16th Century, the tumultuous period in Russian history of Ivan the Terrible.
- Extensive synopsis included in the booklet.

Album Tchaikovsky: The Oprichnik jest przedstawicielem muzyki z gatunku . Wykonawcą utworów jest Vassily Savenko, Elena Lassoskaya, Vladimir Ognovenko, Vsevolod Grivnov. Pozycja została opublikowana w 2003 roku. Za wydanie odpowiada wytwórnia Briliant Opera Collection.
  • Dział: Muzyka
  • Wytwórnia: Briliant Opera Collection
  • Rok publikacji: 2003
  • ISBN: 5028421943909
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Liczba płyt: 3
  • Utwory: CD 1
    1. The Oprichnik Introduction (Orchestra) (05:40)
    2. Come in, do us the honour (04:56)
    3. A duckling was swimming in the sea (02:05)
    4. How wearisome it is to spend the whole day (03:22)
    5. A nightingale chirps on leafy fronds (05:52)
    6. See here if one should get sad over such a song! (05:28)
    7. Don't worry, dear Andrey, step forward (02:42)
    8. Tell me, have you taken a decision? (02:44)
    9. No, my friend (03:57)
    10. I thought I heard some voices (04:00)
    11. Here you are then! (04:14)
    12. Introduction (02:54)
    13. Much as one tries, life never changes (07:58)
    14. No more worries, mother, let the wind disperse your troubles (03:35)
    15. But you, son, keep purer than the snow (02:40)
    16. Basmanov likes wine and pleasures (02:46)
    17. Dear son, do not abandon me (03:57)
    18. I leave, mother, but I won't be away for long (02:54)

    CD 2
    1. Introduction (01:54)
    2. What refuge shall I find from my sins? (02:38)
    3. Brothers, stop being engrossed in godly things! (02:20)
    4. No, stay, I come from the Czar (03:45)
    5. Have you made this choice freely (00:31)
    6. Before you, like before God (02:25)
    7. Are you ready, then, to take the sacred oath? (02:22)
    8. O Natalya, O mother! (03:37)
    9. In the name of the almighty God (07:21)
    10. As glorious as the sun in a clear day (02:47)
    11. Introduction (Orchestra) (03:40)
    12. Dark times are looming on us (07:35)
    13. Oh, how lonely I already feel! (02:27)
    14. Filthy bitch, dirty broom (01:42)
    15. I run to you, dear mother (07:10)

    CD 3
    1. Let's run away, come, let's flee somewhere (01:43)
    2. I am before you and before the Lord (04:51)
    3. Go, princess (06:10)
    4. I deny you, off with you, Praetorian (01:23)
    5. Alas, I cannot fully grasp (05:03)
    6. Take heart, brother in faith (04:14)
    7. Honour and glory to the fine, courageous lad (05:38)
    8. Dances of Oprichniks and women (06:09)
    9. Friends, this day is both joyful and sad (06:05)
    10. Oh, if only this banquet would end! (02:33)
    11. You are my light, my life (03:43)
    12. Oh, may they never age (04:11)
    13. My respects to the noble congregation (04:50)
    14. Look, a frightening storm threatens (04:30)
    15. And so, my dove, do you know who is calling you? (05:36)
  • Wprowadzono: 18.04.2013

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