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Busoni: Fantasia Contrappuntistica, Seven Elegies


Busoni: Fantasia Contrappuntistica, Seven Elegies - opis produktu:

The Italian virtuoso pianist, composer and intellectual, Ferruccio Busoni, is mainly remembered for his magnificent works for piano, which are some of the most ferociously demanding in the repertoire. Devoted to the music of Liszt and later in life to Bach, Busoni wrote much that is beautiful, complex and ground-breaking.

The Seven Elegies put into practice the ideas contained in his controversial pamphlet, the Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music, which highlighted the limitations and fragility of Western music, and promoted a new musical language incorporating avant-garde devices such as bitonality and quarter-tone harmonies. The Elegies created a furore, with its disorientating tendency to switch between major and minor mode within the same musical phrase, but is a visionary masterpiece. The Fantasia Contrappuntistica, Busoni's best known solo piano work, is a contrapuntal fantasy on Bach's last unfinished work, Die Kunst der Fuge, almost a reinterpretation of Bach for the 20th century. It remains one of the most impressive works in the entire piano literature, a monumental undertaking that stretches the possibilities of composer, instrument and performer to the limit.

Sandro Ivo Bartoli is one of the most exciting pianists of his generation, and is a leading interpreter of early twentieth century Italian piano music, particularly Casella and Malipiero, as well as Busoni.

Other Information:
- New interpretations of rare, important repertoire by a 'specialist' of the genre.
- Fantasia contrappuntistica and Elegies are available together for the first time.
- Extreme technical demands.
- Extensive booklet notes by the artist.

About Sandro Ivo Bartoli:
- Since the early Nineties, with Cherkassky's support and encouragement, Bartoli revisited the Italian literature from the early Twentieth century, establishing a trend and rapidly becoming its leading interpreter.
- "The brilliant Sandro Ivo Bartoli is the ideal choice for disseminating this music, because he has made a special study of this period in the Italian repertoire.This is a release of incalculable significance that automatically belongs in every collection of 20th-century music.The 2008 Want List begins here". (Paul A. Snook in Fanfare on Bartoli's Malipiero Complete Piano Concertos recording).
- "a fantastic pianist" (Der Spiegel Kultur).
- Svenska Dagbladet heralded him as "an outwordly virtuoso".
- "such a performance of the Emperor concerto had not been heard for more than a decade".

Album Busoni: Fantasia Contrappuntistica, Seven Elegies jest przedstawicielem muzyki z gatunku . Wykonawcą utworów jest Sandro Ivo Bartoli. Pozycja została opublikowana w 2012 roku. Za wydanie odpowiada wytwórnia Brilliant Classics.
  • Dział: Muzyka
  • Wytwórnia: Brilliant Classics
  • Rok publikacji: 2012
  • ISBN: 5028421942230
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Liczba płyt: 1
  • Utwory: 1. Fantasia contrappuntistica (34:16)
    2. Nach Der Wendung (04:37)
    3. All Italia! In modo napolitano (07:47)
    4. Meine Seele Bangt Und Hofft Zu Dir (07:54)
    5. Turandots Frauengemach (04:27)
    6. Die Nachtlichen (03:18)
    7. Erscheinung (06:00)
    8. Berceuse (04:44)
  • Wprowadzono: 18.04.2013

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Busoni: Fantasia Contrappuntistica, Seven Elegies

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