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Virtualization for Security

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Virtualization for Security - opis produktu:

One of the biggest buzzwords in the IT industry for the past few years virtualization has matured into a practical requirement for many bestpractice business scenarios becoming an invaluable tool for security professionals at companies of every size In addition to saving time and other resources virtualization affords unprecedented means for intrusion and malware detection prevention recovery and analysis Taking a practical approach in a growing market underserved by books this handson title is the first to combine in one place the most important and soughtafter uses of virtualization for enhanced security including sandboxing disaster recovery and high availability forensic analysis and honeypotting

Already gaining buzz and traction in actual usage at an impressive rate Gartner research indicates that virtualization will be the most significant trend in IT infrastructure and operations over the next four years A recent report by IT research firm IDC predicts the virtualization services market will grow from 55 billion in 2006 to 117 billion in 2011 With this growth in adoption becoming increasingly common even for small and midsize businesses security is becoming a much more serious concern both in terms of how to secure virtualization and how virtualization can serve critical security objectives

Titles exist and are on the way to fill the need for securing virtualization but security professionals do not yet have a book outlining the many security applications of virtualization that will become increasingly important in their job requirements This book is the first to fill that need covering tactics such as isolating a virtual environment on the desktop for application testing creating virtualized storage solutions for immediate disaster recovery and high availability across a network migrating physical systems to virtual systems for analysis and creating complete virtual systems to entice hackers and expose potential threats to actual production systems

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Lit. obcojęzyczna
Virtualization for Security

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