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Sugar, You rascal! (twarda)

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Sugar, a striped alley cat with a speck on his nose, is the most unique cat in the world: he jumps on the vets`head, travels to hockey games with his young owner, fights sweaters pretending to be monsters, helps with homework (and decorating the Christmas tree), and does many other things cats usually cannot do.
The sweet name can be misleading: the unusual four-footed animal is mainly concerned with eating, sleeping and trouble-making. He values fun and independence, and - unintentionally (obviously!) - constantly causes trouble to the family living with him.

The bestselling book, `Sugar, you rascal!`, was included in 2017 in the required reading list of the Ministry of National Education of Poland (for grades 1-3).
Thanks to a great humor, excellent language - simple and understandable, yet very rich - and traditional values they convey, the books about Sugar are a perfect choice for the youngest readers who are only starting their adventure with literature.

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