Studies of the Cultural and Bioethical Aspects of the Life Contemporary Asia / Joanna Marszałek-Kawa 26,07 zł | Książki Lit. obcojęzyczna w

Studies of the Cultural and Bioethical Aspects of the Life Contemporary Asia (miękka)

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Studies of the Cultural and Bioethical Aspects of the Life Contemporary Asia - opis produktu:

The Asia and Pacific Library book series is a unique initiative that promotes the most interesting works on Asian Studies by Polish and foreign authors.
It deeply corresponds with the business strategy of the Adam Marszałek Publishing House, the enterprise that has recently become a major Polish promotor of European-Asian cooperation. The number of books published under The Asia and Pacific Library's characteristic banner each year is the proof how successful the series is. It attracts experienced and respected scholars, but it is also a platform to present research results for the most prospective young academics. It is the unique book collection, that enables the readers to understand Asia, explore its culture and history, and learn how to establish and run partnerships with Asian fellows.

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  • Studies of the Cultural and Bioethical Aspects of the Life Contemporary Asia
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