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Programming GPS and OpenStreetMap Applications with Java - The RealObject Application Framework
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Programming GPS and OpenStreetMap Applications with Java - The RealObject Application Framework

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FROM VISION TO MISSION Software Objects and Real-World Representations Introduction Controlling Remote Objects via References Object-Oriented Programming Models in Physics The Vision Introduction Physical Objects Projecting Reality into Virtual Worlds Real-World Objects (ROs) Real Object Applications (RO-Apps) Real Object Application Framework (ROAF) OOA Analysis and Mission Introduction Language Analysis Semantic Network Gathering Information Data Dictionary Problem Statement Candidate Objects The Mission GLOBAL POSITIONING Space and Time Introduction A GeoPoint for Spatial Coordinate Systems A Position Interface for Various Coordinate Systems A Route to Manage an Array of Positions NAVSTAR GPS GPSpoint implements GPSinfo GPStrace extends Route JavaGPS Requirements for a GPSunit Real vs. SimulatedMotion Recording a liveTrace Loading a GPX File to a GPStrace Play Back a GPStrace The GPS Package: roaf.gps From Geography to Cartography Introduction Map Projection Systems Requirements for a Map GUI The Framework Pattern Creating a MapPanel Creating a Swing Mapping Application Interacting via MapEvents Deploying the GPXviewer.jar The GUI Mapping Package REALOBJECTS (ROs) Objects in Motion Introduction Every RealObject has a GPSunit abstract Motion of a RealObject Creating a Motorcycle Observing Motorcycles Processing Digital Maps Introduction Overview A Map Compiler for OSM Data Collecting Geometry in the Field Map Attribution with JOSM Map Formats Processing Maps with Osmosis Parsing OSM Files with the OSMparser toolchain Configuration Rendering OpenStreetMaps with Kosmos Making Maps Navigable Introduction Map Compiler Branches Networking Creating a NavigableMap Conclusion Navigating Objects Introduction Navigation Systems Route Calculation Exploring the Graph with a GameMap The Navigator ROAPPS: REALOBJECT APPLICATIONS Separating the RO Client and the ROA Server Introduction Observing Remote Objects ROAF Client Software The roaf.util.RMI Class Client Server Architecture Introduction Status Report Four-Layer Architecture The ServerEngine The RealObjectsServer SOs: ServerObjects Server Tuning The RealObjectsBox ROAdio Broadcasting Rolling out a ROApp Introduction LC: The Game Scenario Server Architecture Application Layer: ROApp Extends ROServer ROF: The RealObject Framework ROApp clients: LCPlayer extends RealObject More ServerObjects The ROApp Scenario Mission Accomplished: Time to Play Introduction Using the Application Interactive GUIPlayers Intelligent Players Robocode ROAF: REAL OBJECT APPLICATION FRAMEWORK Evolution Introduction Game Scenario versus Real World ROApp Classification RO Classification Decouple Mature ROs The RealObject Hierarchy

Programming GPS and OpenStreetMap Applications with Java - The RealObject Application Framework (miękka)

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Wydawnictwo: Taylor & Francis

Oprawa: miękka

Ilość stron: 248

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Programming GPS and OpenStreetMap Applications with Java - The RealObject Application Framework - opis produktu:

Written by an expert in the development of GPS systems with digital maps and navigation, Programming GPS and OpenStreetMap Applications with Java: The RealObject Application Framework provides a concrete paradigm for object-oriented modeling and programming. It presents a thorough introduction to the use of available global positioning data for the development of applications involving digital maps. The author first describes the different formats of GPS data and digital maps and shows how to use recorded GPS traces to replay and display this data on a digital map. Then, he works through in detail the processing steps of obtaining dedicated data from OpenStreetMaps and how to extract a network for a simple navigation application. For each topic covered-GPS data, OpenStreetMaps, and navigation-Java code is developed that can easily be adapted to the readers' needs and locality. Finally, all components are put together in a sample computer-game application modeled on the well-known board game, Scotland Yard. The computer game is intended to be a basis from which readers can develop and customize their own application for their desired geographical area. The developed application can be "published" on the Internet and made available for interactive multiplayer competition. This book provides a fun and interesting way to learn distributed programming with Java and real-world data. Open-source software is available on a companion website at

Programming GPS and OpenStreetMap Applications with Java - The RealObject Application Framework - szczegółowe informacje:

Dział: Literatura obcojęzyczna

Kategoria: nauki techniczne.technical sciences,

Wydawnictwo: Taylor & Francis
Wymiary:235 x 191
Ilość stron:248
Wprowadzono: 17.07.2013
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Programming GPS and OpenStreetMap Applications with Java - The RealObject Application Framework - recenzje klientów

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