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Oxford Practice Grammar Basic (key) + CD (miękka)

lit. obcojęzyczna

  • Wydawnictwo Oxford
  • Oprawa miękka
  • Dostępność niedostępny

Oxford Practice Grammar Basic (key) + CD - opis produktu:

The right explanations and practice for your language level, plus 100% more interactive practice on the NEW Practice-LEGO BOOST CD-ROMs.

This three-level grammar practice series takes students through from elementary to advanced level English. The way in which grammar is presented and practised reflects the needs of the student at each stage of their learning. `Basic` provides lots of practice and short explanations; `Intermediate` gives you more detail with extended practice; `Advanced` gives challenging practice activities and in-depth explanations.
Key features

* The series covers the grammar students need to know for international exams such as PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL.
* Regular revision units and tests help learners focus on the grammar they need to practise most.
* Exit tests ensure the student is ready for the next level of Oxford Practice Grammar.
* Each level comprises a book plus the Practice-LEGO BOOST CD-ROM, now with 100% more practice and testing.
* NEW Practice-LEGO BOOST CD-ROMs are compatible with interactive white-boards.
* Mixed-tense exercises get learners practising different tenses in context, meaning they`ll be more confident when speaking and writing.
* Listening activities, including dialogues, give learners practice at pronunciation and listening for grammatical differences.
* Multiple choice tests show students what they still need to practise.
* The CD-ROMs link to a free practice test for PET, FCE, and IELTS at Oxford English Testing
* Get more support at Oxford Practice Grammara - now updated with 100% extra practice exercises, new Listen and Speak exercises, and new diagnostic tests at each level.
  • Dział: Literatura obcojęzyczna
  • Wydawnictwo: Oxford
  • Oprawa: miękka
  • Okładka: miękka
  • ISBN: 978-0-19-430914-1
  • Wprowadzono: 09.01.2009

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Lit. obcojęzyczna
Oxford Practice Grammar Basic (key) + CD

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