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Marketing Real People Real Choices (miękka)

lit. obcojęzyczna

  • Wydawnictwo Prentice Hall
  • Oprawa miękka
  • Ilość stron 624
  • darmowa dostawa od 300zł Darmowa dostawa
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Marketing Real People Real Choices - opis produktu:

For the Principles of Marketing course.

Marketing: Real People, Real Choices is the only text to introduce marketing from the perspective of real people who make real marketing decisions at leading companies every day.

For the Principles of Marketing course.

Marketing: Real People, Real Choices is the only text to introduce marketing from the perspective of real people who make real marketing decisions at leading companies every day.

How do you make marketing really come alive for your students? Would you like the book to help?

* NEW-Real People, Real Choices executive vignettes - This is the only text to introduce marketing from the perspective of real people making real marketing decisions at leading companies every day. In each chapter, a real marketer is highlighted and students are asked to consider a dilemma the marketer recently faced as well as three options the marketer had to choose from, and then decide which option they would choose and why. The end result: students don't just read about marketing, they meet real marketers and make marketing decisions -- they experience marketing. Some of the 15 new Real People:
Jeff Taylor, CEO,
Steve Battista, Director of Brand Marketing, Under Armour
Que Gaskins, VP of Global Marketing for RBK, Reebok
Mario Polit, Manager of Marketing for Sedans, Infiniti Division, Nissan North America
oRobyn Eichenholz, Senior Brand Manager, Universal Theme Park
Matt Ferguson, Vice President, Price/McNabb Integrated Communications
Esther Ferre, Senior Account Supervisor, IBM.

Would you like to have students experience marketing in ways that will get them to think differently?

* NEW-Brand You student supplement - Consider how we often talk about ourselves in marketing terms. We position ourselves for job interviews and tell our friends not to sell themselves short. The Brand You student resource covers the most effective ways to market yourself in today's competitive marketplace. At the end of most chapters, students are reminded to refer to this guide, and how marketing yourself relates to fundamental marketing concepts. For example: p. 26, p. 92, p. 161.


As todays businesses demand more accountability, what if a book showed students how marketers add value to a company and how that value can be quantified?

* NEW-Marketing Metric boxes - In almost every chapter these emphasize value and marketing metrics such as return-on-investment (ROI), and provide students with real examples of how marketers calculate ROI based on their actions and how value can be quantified. Examples: Measuring brand equity (p. 280), the most popular marketing metrics (p. 40), marketing ROI (p.144), customer service scorecard (p. 25).

Would you like your students to have more practical resources on how to write and develop a strategic marketing plan?

* NEW-Tear-out marketing plan template - Provides a framework to help students organize marketing concepts by chapter and create a customized marketing plan. Tied to the book and fully-executed in Appendix B (Chapter 2). Appendix A, Implementing a Marketing Plan is also new and ties back to the UnderArmour executive featured in Chapter 2.

Would a cross-disciplinary feature that shows how marketing affects, and is affected by, other departments help your classes of majors and non-majors?

* NEW-Across the Hall sidebars - Professors from around the country who teach in subject areas other than marketing weigh in on the Real People, Real Choices vignettes and explain how marketing affects, and is affected by, disciplines such as human resources, logistics, and economics.

Do you look for a text that's current and reflects the latest marketing terminology?

* NEW-Fully updated examples and coverage throughout: Some examples:
The new definition of marketing adopted by the American Marketing Association in 2004 (Chapter 1).
New CRM approaches to marketing-Includes differential competency and lifetime value of the customer, value chains, and marketing ROI (Chapter 1).
NEW-Coverage of ethical business behavior and social responibility-Reflects lessons learned from Enron, Worldcom, and Parmalet cases (Chapter 3).

Are you using or interested in using a simulation to complement your principles of marketing textbook?

* NEW - Simulations from Interpretive Simulations! Instructors, please visit: for additional information. Students get a top textbook from PH, a premium simulation from Interpretive, and a discount on both!
  • Dział: Literatura obcojęzyczna
  • Wydawnictwo: Prentice Hall
  • Oprawa: miękka
  • Okładka: miękka
  • Ilość stron: 624
  • ISBN: 978-0-13-144968-8
  • Wprowadzono: 28.09.2009

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Marketing Real People Real Choices

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