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Making Living Lovely (twarda)

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Making Living Lovely - opis produktu:

Making interior design choices can be daunting in a world flooded with trend-setting Instagram posts and Pinterest boards. Russell and Jordan specialize in designing homes for clients who know what they love but struggle to know where to start. Their fresh approach is nothing short of a design revolution, enabling readers to free their homes by creating interiors that express their personality and address their needs.

This essential companion will equip readers with new ways to see their interiors and give them the confidence to create a home that helps them to live better. In eight chapters, Russell and Jordan cover everything from how to handle original features, use colour, pattern and texture, choose materials and curate objects. Focusing on people and how we use our spaces, this book also covers finding ones style, cohabiting and design compromises, exploring ones creativity and rediscovering the fun in interior design. Box-outs and tips throughout offer practical guidance on where to start, as well as a range of examples from the designers own work and that of key designers around the world.

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Lit. obcojęzyczna
Making Living Lovely

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