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It`s Not OK to Feel Blue and other lies (miękka)

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It`s Not OK to Feel Blue and other lies - opis produktu:

Last year, Scarlett Curtis and 52 inspirational women wrote an extraordinary anthology on what feminism means to them. The book went on to be a cultural phenomenon and turned the world Pink.

This year, it`s Blue.

We are living in the middle of a mental health epidemic and we have a choice: we can either be like all generations who came before us and be floored by it - or we can start to make a difference.

Here are the extraordinary people making that difference - Other People Don`t Feel Blue (and other lies) is a collection of stories and essays from those who have suffered through the worst, and know what it`s like to fight to feel better.
This isn`t just a book. It`s a shout, a scream that cuts above the noise and lets everyone know they are not alone. Funny, sad, clever, relatable and important, this collection is part of the global movement that is working to dismantle the shame that surrounds mental illness. It will be a shining example power of words to make us all feel better.

Feminists Don`t Wear Pink was a Sunday Times Bestseller, and winner of the National Book Awards Winner 2018!

`Brilliant, hysterical, truthful and real. These essays illuminate the path for our future female leaders.` - Reese Witherspoon

`As a feminist who loves pink, I give this brilliant book of essays an enthusiastic `YES`` - Mindy Kaling

`A refreshing and honest celebration of all that it means to be a woman today.` - Fearne Cotton

`Wonderfully candid, often funny and absolutely necessary, a triumphant rallying call to young women.` - The Observer

`Pick it up and read one story from your favourite columnist or actress, but I guarantee you`ll end up reading the full, illuminating collection, and you`ll possibly finish it knowing more about your own personal stance than you imagined.` -

`This collection of essays curated by writer Scarlett Curtis is a call-to-arm that allows us to unpick what it means to be a feminist in a safe space.` -

`We advise placing a copy in the hands of every girl (and guy) you know.` - Red Magazine

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Lit. obcojęzyczna
It`s Not OK to Feel Blue and other lies

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