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Evolutionary Psychology - A Beginner`s Guide (miękka)

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Evolutionary Psychology - A Beginner`s Guide - opis produktu:

This accessible guide provides an introduction to evolutionary psychology - the fascinating and often controversial new discipline that studies human behavior, evolution and the mind. Starting with its origins in the work of Charles Darwin, the book covers all the key areas of evolutionary psychology, including the role played by genetics in our sexual behavior, parental decision-making, and how babies learn about and adapt to the world. In clear and straight-forward language, the book also breaks new ground in examining the debates and ethical questions raised right now by evolutionary psychology and contemplating their implications for the future of humankind. The evolutionary approach to the human mind is becoming more and more influential, but its claims and assumptions are often misunderstood by proponents and critics alike. This slim but important volume gives us a very readable - and much needed - overview of what evolutionary psychology is and is not. Daniel Nettle, University of Newcastle Robin Dunbar, Louise Barrett, and John Lycett offer a crisp and accessible introduction to evolutionary psychology's key principles and findings. By shining the light of Darwin's big idea on human behavior and thinking they show how genetic and cultural evolution might work together to predispose our central human traits, our moral inclinations, and even our uniqueness. David G. Myers, Professor of Psychology, Hope College, and author of The Pursuit of Happiness I like this book very much. It is well written and easy to read, and clears up many of the most persistent misunderstandings about evolutionary psychology. The many examples make clear why evolutionary psychology should underpin all areas of psychology rather than being treated as a separate area itself. Susan Blackmore, author of The Meme Machine Evolutionary psychology is not a particular school of thought but the general study of psychology from an evolutionary perspective. Robin Dunbar, Louise Barrett, and John Lycett have done an admirable job of making this synthesis-in-progress entertaining and accessible to any interested reader. D. Sloan Wilson, Professor of Biology and Anthropology, Binghamton University, New York


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Evolutionary Psychology - A Beginner`s Guide

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