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Dictionary of German Biography v. 8 (twarda)

lit. obcojęzyczna

  • Wydawnictwo Saur Verlag KG
  • Oprawa twarda
  • Ilość stron 384
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Dictionary of German Biography v. 8 - opis produktu:

The Dictionary of German Biography is the English-language version of the renowned Deutsche Biographische Enzyklopädie. It is a unique and comprehensive work containing biographies of some 56,000 people from the German-speaking world: covering individuals from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other regions where German is or was spoken.

Chronologically, the dictionary's coverage stretches all the way from the time of Charlemagne to the present day and includes only individuals whose life and works have come to an end.

The Dictionary of German Biography was produced by a team of outstanding scholars headed by Editors in Chief Walther Killy and Rudolf Vierhaus. An advisory board made up of experts in individual fields ensured that the same rigorous standards were observed for all subject areas. More than 500 leading academics from around the world contributed articles for the Dictionary.

This commitment to high academic standards has already made the Dictionary a standard work in Germany. Completed between 1995 and 2003, the 10 volume German version of the Dictionary of German Biography and its supplementary volumes provide the latest information in a unique, compact format, covering all persons from A to Z. It is the obvious choice for people wanting biographical information from a vast number of areas.

Each entry opens with a concise biographical summary allowing the user to place the relevant individual immediately. These summaries consist of the person's surname (with all its variations), first name, Pseudonyms, maiden names and wrongly attributed names (where applicable), title, occupation and dates and places of birth and death.

The articles themselves outline the most important events in the person's life, including details of education, significant encounters, career, family and friendships, associations, achievements, prizes and honours. For those wishing to study an individual in greater depth, the entries also contain bibliographical references to further literature on that person. The Dictionary of German Biography also contains approximately 1,000 extensive articles written specifically for this edition and signed by recognized experts on particularly significant people.

The Dictionary of German Biography provides a wealth of fascinating information. For many it is an endless source of delight simply to browse from one entry to the next. Of course, all the world-famous Germans can be found here. Political leaders whose influence effected the world well beyond the bounds of modern-day Germany, such as Charlemagne, Frederick the Great, Bismarck and Hitler, are all covered in depth as are outstanding names from the world of science, such as Kepler, Copernicus and Einstein. You can find detailed articles on the great philosophers Kant, Hegel and Nietzsche, the composers Bach, Mozart and Wagner, writers such as Goethe, Kafka and Brecht, inventors such as Diesel and captains of industry such as Thyssen, Daimler and Krupp.

The Dictionary of German Biography also contains numerous entries for people who despite great achievements remained relatively unknown or have since been forgotten. There are entries for Adolf Dassler, founder of the company Adidas, and Oskar Schindler, for example.

All individuals covered in the Dictionary of German Biography, whether household names, or virtually forgotten people of earlier times, have one thing in common: they left their mark on an era and helped shape later developments. They are people who have influenced the past and present. The Dictionary of German Biography not only gives the latest information on the people we remember, it brings the past to life. The individual biographies have been put together to form a comprehensive history of German-speaking Europe.

The Dictionary will therefore be of great interest to anyone who is interested in German history, culture and biographies. It will also be of interest to those specializing in one of the many subject areas in which the individual people covered here were influential well beyond the German-speaking world.
  • Dział: Literatura obcojęzyczna
  • Wydawnictwo: Saur Verlag KG
  • Oprawa: twarda
  • Okładka: twarda
  • Ilość stron: 384
  • ISBN: 978-3-598-23298-5
  • Wprowadzono: 30.06.2012

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Dictionary of German Biography v. 8

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