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Bicycles. Mid-century modern furniture. New Nordic cuisine. These are likely to be some of the first things that spring to mind when you think of Copenhagen.

And with good reason: Denmarks capital really is filled with design-savvy people with chic homes who are only a quick pedal from some of the worlds finest restaurants. But theres more than this to enchant the visitor. A recent building boom has filled the skyline with innovative and visually bamboozling residential and civic structures, the hotel industry is heating up and, thanks to the infamously sky-high taxes, the well-funded cultural scene is kicking.

The Monocle Travel Guide to Copenhagen will lead you through the maze of top-notch places to dine and drink, the magazine-spread-ready homeware and fashion retailers and the most engaging museums and galleries. Well point out the architecture and infrastructure gems that best illustrate how a little forward-planning has resulted in one of the worlds most liveable cities. For good measure well also reveal our favourite neighbourhoods and grooming spots. So saddle up and join us for a wheel through Copenhagens many and varied delights.

The magazine Monocle covers the world with its network of bureaus in New York, Toronto, Zurich, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Tokyo, and Singapore. It also employs more than 30 dedicated correspondents-in cities from Bangkok to Bogotá, Sao Paolo to Stockholm-as well as a team of on-the-road reporters based out of its headquarters in London. This teams deep understanding of cities and all they have to offer has now been compiled in The Monocle Travel Guide Series.

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