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Children Moving and Moving into the Future

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Children Moving and Moving into the Future - opis produktu:

Soundly based in the research literature and theory this comprehensive introductory text is a practical guide to teaching physical education to the elementary school child Its skill theme approach guides teachers in the process of assisting children develop their motor skills and physical fitness through developmentally appropriate activitiesThe Movement Analysis Wheel This edition includes the fullcolor removable Movement Analysis Wheelż that can be used by students and teachers to more fully understand the skill theme approach and apply it with children Activities related to incorporating and using the żwheelż appear at the end of the chapters Revised Coverage of Children with Special Needs A completely revised Chapter 6 which addresses diversity provides multiple strategies that allow teachers to meaningfully engage all children in physical educationwhatever their background or mental or physical ability New fullcolor design The seventh edition features a completely new appealing fullcolor design that brings the childrenżs artwork photographs and other features to life Teaching Diverse Learners The new edition offers increased emphasis on teaching diverse learners as well as an expanded concept of diversity National Standards Updated coverage reflects the current standards from the National Association for Sport and Physical Education Reorganization of Chapters 11 Developing Content and Chapter 12 Observing Student Responses Chapter 11 describes how teachers organize content into meaningful experiences by developing a logical progression of tasks cues and challenges designed to make physical education classes a true learning experience Chapter 12 then provides examples of ways teachers can assess student responses to determine if learning has occurred On the Move Lesson Plans Online Formerly available as a separate printed book Shirley HoltHalesż Lesson Plans On the Move are now available online free to students who purchased new books The passcode card bound into the book provides access to concept lessons for the teaching of fitness for children physical activity lessons for classroom teachers at recess as well as introduction to concepts and skills and a new section on curriculum mapping and the teaching of themes Coverage of Basic Teaching Skills Part II Teaching Skills covers important topics like planning adapting lessons for individual differences useful teacher feedback and assessments A strong background in educationally sound theory and information on applying these theories will make the students who read Children Moving better teachers Emphasis on Reflective Teaching The text introduces the concept of adapting lessons to the individual needs interests and abilities of a wide range of youngsters StandardsBased The text integrates coverage of the NASPE national standards throughout The NASPE guide Moving into the Future Second Edition is packaged free with every new copy of this textPhysical Fitness and Physical Activity The text details the connection between physical fitness and physical activity and includes an updated discussion of developmentally appropriate physical fitness for children Companion Website A textspecific Online Learning Center offers valuable resources for both instructors and students including an Instructorżs Manual a PowerPoint presentations PowerWeb research articles links to professional organizations quizzes and more Effective Pedagogy Each chapter includes a list of key topics that are essential for delivering effective and interesting lessons The skill theme chapters feature practical assessment guides throughout Focus on Skill Themes The skill theme approach guides teachers in developing the motor skills of children by providing hundreds of developmentally appropriate activities as opposed to just listing a series of unrelated games and just for fun activities Teachers learn how to adapt lessons so they are appropriate to the development skill level of all children rather than using grade level as an indication of readiness They also learn why such an approach is or should be part of coordinated school health that is linked to interdisciplinary learning and the national curriculum standards
  • Dział: Literatura obcojęzyczna
  • Wydawnictwo: McGraw-Hill
  • Oprawa: miękka
  • ISBN: 978-0-07-110843-0
  • Wprowadzono: 24.06.2008

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Lit. obcojęzyczna
Children Moving and Moving into the Future

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