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Business Forecasting

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The Fifth Edition of Business Forecasting is the most practical forecasting book on the market with the most powerful softwareForecast X This new edition presents a broadbased survey of business forecasting methods including subjective and objective approaches As always the author team of Wilson and Keating deliver practical howto forecasting techniques while theory and math are held to a minimum This edition focuses on the most proven acceptable methods used commonly in business and government such as regression smoothing decomposition and BoxJenkins This new edition continues to integrate the most comprehensive software tool available in this market Forecast X With the addition of ForeCastX this text provides the most complete and uptodate coverage of forecasting concepts with the most technologically sophisticated software package on the market This Excelbased tool which received a 4 point out 5 rating from PC Magazine Oct 2 2000 issue effectively uses wizards and many tools to make forecasting easy and understandableFeature New coverage of PointofSale POS data Benefit This is an important issue with many businesses in their attempt to improve their long and short term planningFeature Coverage of forecasting as it relates to supply chain issues has been increased Benefit Cutting edge companies such as Walmart have shown the importance of establishing strong supply chain relationships and operations This expanded coverage acknowledges this fact Feature New and updated coverage of data mining Benefit The importance of data mining as a tool used to deliver more accurate forecasts resulting in better operations and marketing processes and practices is widely recognizedFeature UPDATED Version of Forecast X Software Developed by John Galt Solutions Inc for professional applications FORECAST X will be updated with the new edition Benefit Instructors and students will benefit because the software will add a level of realism to their course Students will appreciate having to learn software that is actually used in the business communityFeature All data is provided in EXCEL Benefit Excel is the leading calculation software used in business By provided all the data in Excel ease of use with FORECAST X software or any other software is achievedFeature RealWorld Data ż The data used in the text Benefit consists almost entirely of realworld examples Students will learn to deal with reallife problems and difficulties in a realistic environment Feature Extended Examples ż Two żextended examplesż are used in each chapter of the text to demonstrate the progression of techniques used in the text Benefit One example is sales data from The Gap while the other example uses domestic car sales data These examples will provide a realistic illustration of the concepts that are relevant to the student Feature Screenshots ż The text includes many screenshots of actual problems the data for each of these examples and problems is included on the accompanying CD Benefit These help students to better conceptualize the problems
  • Dział: Literatura obcojęzyczna
  • Wydawnictwo: McGraw-Hill
  • Oprawa: miękka
  • ISBN: 978-0-07-124494-7
  • Wprowadzono: 24.06.2008

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Lit. obcojęzyczna
Business Forecasting

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