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Aesthetics of Law (miękka)

lit. obcojęzyczna

Aesthetics of Law - opis produktu:

The book is devoted to the search for the fifth branch of the philosophy of law, which - apart from the ontology of law, epistemology of law, logic and legal ethics - completes its research areas analogically to general philosophy. It turns out that the aesthetic aspects of law may have practical significance in all of its five phenomena, that is: creating, binding, observing, applying and interpreting. Moreover, the aesthetics of law also influences the shaping of legal awareness and attitudes towards the law. The whole argument was organized in such a way that external and internal approaches to the aesthetics of law were distinguished and the issue of law as a tool of aestheticization was presented. All this is supported by many examples taken from the world of culture and art. `Kamil Zeidler`s book, many years in preparation, will soon become a scholarly event on an interdisciplinary level not just in Poland. Its outstanding value is a result of the author`s broad scholarly horizons, and his vast erudition in the philosophy of law, aesthetics and the history of European art. I was amazed by the wealth and quality of illustrations that most effectively suppplement the author`s discussion.`
Professor Juliusz A. Chróścicki

`The study not only makes it possible for the reader to learn a great deal about the relations of law to a variety of dimensions of culture and art, but, above all, it offers a rare opportunity to accompany an author in cutting fascinating new paths in the philosophy of law.`
Professor Tomasz Pietrzykowski

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Lit. obcojęzyczna
Aesthetics of Law

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