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Advanced Legal English (miękka)


  • Wydawnictwo Global Legal English
  • Oprawa miękka
  • Ilość stron 152
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Advanced Legal English - opis produktu:

All over the world, lawyers working in commercial law are short of time and are often under great pressure to meet deadlines. Often, they are expected to carry out high value and demanding work in English. Acquiring strong legal English skills with a good knowledge of frequently-used commercial vocabulary, is therefore essential. When this knowledge of commercial vocabulary is combined with more accurate grammar, it means that legal drafting work, negotiations and every-day professional emails become faster and of a higher quality. This is a huge benefit to any lawyer.

This book consists of 60 intensive units of practical and relevant legal English, including:
- Simple Contracts and Deeds
- A Pre-Contractual NDA
- The Articles of Association
- Limited Liability Partnerships
- Shares and Share Capital
- Contractual Warranties
- Time is of the Essence
- Non-Executive Directors
- The English Common Law
- Boilerplate Clauses in Contracts

This book uses authentic material including that reproduced by kind permission of:
- The MIT Technology Review
- The American Bar Association
- The Financial Times
- The Royal Bank of Scotland
- Cambridge Law Studio Limited
- The British Medical Journal

International law students are looking for work in an increasingly competitive job market - no country in the world seems to be short of law graduates and employers are in a position to choose the brightest and the best. As well as a great degree, young lawyers are told they now need to ‘add value to their employment application. What more can you offer that will make you stand out from the crowd? We suggest strong commercial awareness, a knowledge of the role that legal tech is playing in law and the best commercial legal English skills you can possibly achieve.

Książka Advanced Legal English pochodzi z wydawnictwa Global Legal English. Publikacja jest pracą zbiorową . Należy do gatunków: nauka języków, język angielski, inne. Książka Advanced Legal English liczy 152 stron. Jej wymiary to 210x300. Oprawa jest miękka.

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Advanced Legal English

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